Seinfeld Apartment Floor Plan (with Kramer)

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Seinfeld and Kramer
129 West 81st Street, Apt. 5a/5b, NY, NY
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Do you have a best friend who's, well, kind of a hipster doofus? Or maybe an oddball neighbor? My Jerry Seinfeld apartment (with Kramer) makes a super gift for both! If you've got a new roommate, the Seinfeld apartment floor plan is a great way to bond -- or apologize. )  My Seinfeld apartment floor plan was featured on NBC's Today Show!  It was also featured in the Canadian National Post.

My Seinfeld apartment floor plan has cool details from the show, too:

  • Cereal (in the kitchen)
  • 90s-era Apple computer (probably now in the Smithsonian)
  • Bicycle
  • Tennis shoes (in the closet)
  • 12-cent checks from Japan
  • And more!

Kramer's apartment has:

  • Screen door
  • Couch made from the backseat of a 1957 Chevy
  • Farbman dresser
  • Fusilli pasta statues on the kitchen counter (you can pretend which ones)
  • A hot tub in the living room
  • A Merv Griffin set in his bedroom
  • Butter for shaving cream
  • Clarkman garbage disposal in bathtub
  • And more!

The jerk store called. If you don't get a Seinfeld floor plan for a friend or relative, ah, the jerk store will have to, um, get rid of you. (Get more of you?) Or something.  See my Seinfeld apartment (with just Jerry), Kramer's apartment separately, Elaine's apartment, George's apartment, along with Seinfeld's Monk's Cafe coffee shop. Get all four Seinfeld apartments as a set, too, or add Monk's Cafe for a complete set of five Seinfeld floor plans.

Reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawings of my Seinfeld apartments of Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, and George Costanza, these Seinfeld posters are printed on archival, matte paper with fade-resistant inks.

For more information about my posters and their packaging, please visit my TV floor plan prints page. ©Copyright Brandi Roberts. Copyright not transferable with sale.