Seinfeld Apartment Floor Plan (with Kramer)

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Seinfeld and Kramer
129 West 81st Street, Apt. 5a/5b, NY, NY
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There is no better gift for TV lovers than my Seinfeld and Kramer apartment floor plan!  If you ever wondered where on earth Kramer put his hot tub or the Merve Griffin set -- I've made up some answers.  And I do mean, made up.  Keep in mind -- this is all fantasy -- especially Kramer's floorplan.  My Seinfeld apartment floor plan has been featured on NBC's Today Show!  It was also featured in the Canadian National Post!

Stepping past the screen door into Kramer's apartment, you can take a peek inside via the reverse peephole.  You'll see a couch made from a 1957 chevy backseat.  And the Farbman dresser, which made for a bizarre guest bed in one episode.  On the side table are cuban cigars.  

Going into the kitchen we find Fusilli pasta statues on the counter (you can pretend which ones).  In his bath there is a Clarkman garbage disposal in the tub -- very convenient.  On the sink counter is butter which Kramer uses as shaving cream.

In the living room is the hot tub.  The walls are adorned with a very retro and very outdated woodgrain wallpaper.  

Kramer's bedroom contains the Merve Griffin set.  His closet is full of vintage clothes.  And a very bright light from the chicken restaurant's sign shines in at night.

Jerry's apartment features cereal in the kitchen, an early apple computer on his desk (probably now in the Smithsonian) and 12 cent checks from Japan on the table.  On the wall is his ever present bike.  Did we ever even see him ride it?  In his bedroom you'll find an ample supply of tennis shoes in the closet.

Pair with Monk's DinerElaine and George's floor plans for the complete set!  Also available with just Jerry's floor plan or just Kramer's floor plan.  Buy as set of four apartments.  And as a set of five which includes all four apartments and Monk's Diner.

This print is reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawing. Printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. 

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