Mad Men Office Floor Plan: 23nd Floor

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Offices of:
Sterling Cooper Draper
Madison Avenue, New York City
TV Show:
Mad Men
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My Mad Men office floor plan makes a cool gift Christmas for anyone who watches the TV show!  My fictional floor plan features the Madison Avenue offices of Sterling Cooper Advertising aka Mad Men.  This is the 23rd floor and contains Roger Sterling and Don Draper's offices.  Also on this floor are the offices of Paul Kinsey, Pete Campbell, Freddy Rumsen (later Peggy Olsen), Harry Crane, Warren McKenna, Victor Manny and Joan Holloway.  You'll also find the switchboard, a mechanical room (full of booze & cigarettes), the conference room (Roger's second heart attack happened here), the supply closet (we use the term "supply" loosely as it's full of booze also), the steno pool, the break room (there's still creme de menthe in the water cooler) and reception. 

If you take a quick peek in Roger Sterling's office you'll see divorce papers on his coffee table and smirnoff vodka on his liquor cabinet.  In Don Draper's office you'll find an ad for Utz chips on the coffee table, fresh shirts in his desk drawer and a shoebox of "secrets" on his desk.  Just outside Don's office you'll find the "Rejuvenator" still sitting on Peggy's desk. My Mad Men office floor plan makes a cool Christmas gift for dad and is sure to entertain and delight anyone who loves Mad Men!

Offices for Bert Cooper and Duck Phillips are on the 22nd floor along with the various other departments and offices.

Office specs:

Panels:  Walnut & Privacy Glass

Flooring: Carpet

Furniture:  Danish Modern & Mid-Century Modern

Typewriters:  IBM Selectrics

Steno Pool Desks:  Steel

Liquor:  In every office

Cigarettes: Prolific

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This print is reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawing. Printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. 

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