Gilmore Girls Floor Plans (Set of 5)

Dragonfly Inn - blackline print/Frame not included
Luke's Diner - blueprint/Frame not included
Lorelai Gilmore Home First Floor - blueprint/Frame not included
Lorelai Gilmore Home Second Floor - blackline print/Frame not included
Stars Hollow Map - blueprint/Frame not included
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Rory and Lorelai, Dragonfly Inn, Luke's Diner, Stars Hollow Map
Stars Hollow, Connecticut
TV Show:
Gilmore Girls
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My Gilmore Girls TV Gifts Collection will delight Gilmore Girls aficionadas with details from your favorite episodes. It's a cool Gilmore Girls gift for TV lover moms and daughters -- or you can break up the set for your Gilmore Girls watching club!

My set of five Gilmore Girls gift posters includes:

My Stars Hollow, CT, map shows the whole town layout, with many well-known places and a few holes-in-the-wall you might have forgotten about. The best Gilmore Girls gifts take you back to the show and let you relive your most-loved memories.

Lorelai Gilmore Girls House (1st Floor) features Rory's bedroom, Coffee Central (also known as "the kitchen") and more.

Gilmore Girls House (2nd Floor) has Lorelai's master bedroom and bath, office, guest room, and more.

Drop in at Lorelai hunk Luke's Diner for coffee and pie, or maybe that "4 slice French toast" on the specials board -- but don't bring your cell phone!

My sumptuous Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn layout with features like large foyer, parlor, and powder room will make you want the first plane to Stars Hollow, CT -- even if Michel has to check you in!


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Reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawings of Gilmore Girls fictional settings, my Gilmore Girls gift poster set is printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. My TV show floor plans have been featured on NBC's Today Show, Marilyn Denis Show, and Real Simple magazine!

For more information about my posters and their packaging, please visit my TV floor plan prints page or scroll through the images above.

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