Frasier Floor Plan: Café Nervosa

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Cafe Nervosa
3rd and Pike Street, Seattle, Washington
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My fictional Cafe Nervosa floorplan is a cool gift for anyone who loves Frasier!  Cafe Nervosa is conveniently located 3rd and Pike Street in Seattle and across from KACL Radio Studio.  I've noted all of your favorite characters including:  Frasier, Niles, Martin, Daphne, Roz, Maris, Bebe, Bulldog and Kenny.  You'll find Maris sitting by herself in a separate dining area, which seems appropriate given her elusiveness.  My Cafe Nervosa floor plan features several dining areas, built-in bookcases, a kitchen, an office, a staff area and restrooms.  A patio offers outdoor seating with shade provided by an awning.  You'll find directional arrows to the Space Needle, KACL Radio Studio and Canada.  You'll not find a cooler gift for TV watchers who love Frasier!

Buy it and pair it with my fictional floor plan of Frasier Crane's penthouse digs for the complete set!  Make it a complete collection by adding Frasier's previous favorite haunt, Cheers, to your walls.

If you like cafes then check-out my fictional floor plans for Central Perk and Monk's.

This print is reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawing. Printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. 

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