Breaking Bad Home Floor Plan

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Walter & Skyler White
308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, NM
TV Show:
Breaking Bad
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If you need a cool Christmas gift for dads or grandpas, then my fictional Breaking Bad home floor plan is sure to delight and entertain anyone who loves the TV show!  My expertly hand-drawn floor plan for the home of Skyler and Walter White from Breaking Bad features three bedrooms, two full baths, an open living/dining area, kitchen and double car garage.  You'll find Walter's helpful measuring cups in the kitchen, cash stashed around the house, a rotting foundation and a trap door to the crawl space.  This lovely home also features a pool with a pink teddy bear floating in it.  My Breaking Bad house floor plan for Walter White also offers a large patio area for entertaining friends and family.  It's the ulitmate cool Christmas gift for anyone seeking a unique Breaking Bad TV show related gift!

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