TV Show Gifts for TV Lovers Moms Dads Kids Grandparents

The family that watches TV together stays together. Fantasy Floorplans are nearly 200 houses, apartments, and offices from fictional TV shows. Created and hand-drawn by me, each TV show layout also features "extras" that reference your favorite scenes, like --

•    Dwight's stapler in Jell-O from The Office
•    Kramer's couch made from the backseat of a '57 Chevy from Seinfeld
•    "NO CELL PHONES" sign in Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls
•    Cigarettes and booze -- everywhere -- from Mad Men

TV show floor plans are great gift ideas for TV lover moms, dads, kids, and more. Whether they're a fiend for first-run TV episodes, a binge-watcher of entire TV series in one rainy weekend, or just a TV superfan who just has to keep watching when they come across a favorite TV rerun, you can find a Fantasy Floorplan for them.

Gifts for Moms!

Sensational gifts for TV lover moms recall her best feelings and memories, like mother-daughter moments in my Gilmore Girls house or Gilmore Girls diner. Other cool gifts for mom TV lovers remind her of falling in love, like my Friends apartment layout of Monica Geller and Rachel Green, across the hall from Monica's future husband Chandler Bing (and Joey Tribbiani). And don't forget her wicked single days and nights with my Carrie Bradshaw apartment from Sex and the City!










Gifts for Dad!

For dads who love to watch TV, Joey and Chandler's Friends apartment layout makes a terrific companion piece for Monica and Rachel's apartment you just got for mom. A quick glance and a grin at my Dunder Mifflin office layout from The Office makes the start of a fantastic work day. To remind him of his own wicked single days and nights, check out Don Draper's bachelor pad apartment from Mad Men.

Gifts for Grandparents!

TV show floor plans from earlier decades make cool gift ideas for TV lover grandmas and grandpas. You'll have absolutely no 'splainin' to do with I Love Lucy gifts like my I Love Lucy apartment and I Love Lucy house in the country. For Golden Girls gifts, grandmas and their friends love the Golden Girls house, while grandpas enjoy the MASH tent floor plan of the MASH "Swamp," home at one time or another to Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John, B.J. Hunnicutt, Frank Burns, and Charles Emerson Winchester.

Gifts for Girlfriend or Wife!

Wives and girlfriends who love to watch TV? Tell her you love her with one of my How I Met Your Mother apartment floor plans. Or say you love her in a cheekier way, with one of my Desperate Housewives floor plans of Gaby Solis, Lynette Scavo, Susan Delfino, and Bree Van de Camp, formerly Bree Hodge.

Gifts for Boyfriend or Husband!

For TV lover husbands and boyfriends, get hers-and-his Friends TV gifts, with Chandler and Joey's apartment, along with Ross Geller's apartment, for him -- and Monica and Rachel's apartment and Phoebe Buffay's apartment for yourself! Get all four Friends floor plans together or add Central Perk coffee shop for all five Friends posters in the Friends TV Gifts Collection. Guys also like Barney Stinson's apartment from How I Met Your Mother, the original Dexter Morgan apartment from Dexter, and the Two and a Half Men house. (But whatever you do, don't tell him Father Knows Best!)

Gifts for Kids!

TV show floor plans for kids really let loose their imaginations. Use my Brady Bunch house to teach them about blended families. (Teach them how to do math by figuring out how three boys and three girls shared a single bathroom!) For fans of all ages, my Full House floor plan from the original series is the same Full House house layout on Netflix. Daughters will adore my Lorelai and Rory Gilmore Girls house, while boys tend to go for the cruder pleasures of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Gilligan's Island.