Map of Gilligan's Island

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Map Location:
somewhere in the South Pacific
TV Show:
Gilligan's Island
Gilligan, The Skipper, The Professor, Mary Ann
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This is my completely fictional, hand-drawn Gilligan's Island map and it makes a great Christmas gift for the little buddy in your life!  Take a tour of Gilligan's Island and you find a variety of interesting locations and activities that the castaways participated in during their time on this isolated South Pacific island.  I've noted:  the wreckage of the S.S. Minnow, the beach, the lagoon, an astronaut capsule, natural gas, a quicksand pit, phosphorescent rocks, a World War II landing field, the castaway huts, the supply hut, a bowling area, a putting green, mind reading seeds, wasubi berries, a gold mine, the jungle, the mountains, a waterfall, a volcano, a fresh water stream, trigonella berries, rubber trees and the caves. I think that about covers it.  You'll find a directional arrow for Hawaii.  And there's a whole lot of plants, schrubs, palms and foliage!  Enjoy your tour with my Gilligan's Island map and make sure to give it as a Christmas gift for your favorite little buddy!

The fictional Gilligan's Island location is 110 degrees Longitude by 10 degrees Latitude.

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**My Gilligan's Island map is entirely fictional and based on my imagination. It is not meant to portray the accurate location of a fictional island.

This print is reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawing. Printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. 

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