Fantasy Floorplan™ for The Andy Griffith Show - Residence of Barney Fife - 8.5x11 Archival BluePrint

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The Andy Griffith Show
144 Elm Street, Mayberry, c/o Mrs. Mendelbright
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Deputy Barney Fife
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Deputy Barney Fife's one room digs in Mrs. Mendelbright's boarding house is a bit spartan.  But as Mayberry's most eligible bachelor he spends most of his time at the courthouse that is when he's not attempting to court Juanita and Thelma Lou.  Barney's room features (and this won't take long) a 100 watt unauthorized lightbulb and a hotplate and chili making supplies (also banned).  On his desk there is a set of True Blue Detective magazines bound into books,  In the closet we find his one tweed suit and felt hat.  On the wall there is photo of President Truman.  He has a cast iron bed frame with a patchwork quilt.  Next to his bed is a photo of Thelma Lou.  It ain't fancy but it suits bachelor Barney's needs!  

This print is reproduced from my original and expertly hand-drafted drawing. Printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks. Printed in blue ink to give it that authentic blueprint look. The shade of blue may vary depending on your monitor settings. 
Artist signed and dated in ink. 
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