Fantasy Floorplans Press Kit in PDF

Images:  Friends Apartments and The Simpsons


About the Artist:

Brandi Roberts is a full-time artist and a native of Columbia, South Carolina.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.   She has been hand-drawing floorplans for over thirty years and started at about the age of seven.  Fantasy Floorplans was born out of her love of drawing, Pop-culture and television.   Brandi “invented” her career of hand-drafting floorplans of fictional homes; bringing life to homes that have never actually existed.  She has created more than 135 floorplans for fictional TV homes spanning seven decades.

“My floorplans are great conversation pieces. They generate a lot of interesting dialogue when people get in front of them.”

From a historical perspective, Brandi says the floorplans represent how America’s values and our culture have evolved since the 1950s.  “America has come a long way since the era of the twin beds on I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show.” 

Her floorplans merge Pop-art with celebrity to form artwork that doesn’t just entertain and engage, but captures the evolution of the American TV home over the last seven decades.

Yahoo News calls her "an incredibly clever and talented artist" and declares her works as "the ultimate unique gift for a TV fan."   Inhabitat describes Fantasy Floorplans as "ingenious creations."  Her art has also been featured on television, NBC’s the Today Show, The Maryiln Dennis Show (starts at 1:50 into show); newspapers  and magazines including the National Post,  The Kansas City Star, Canadian Living Magazine, 24 Hour Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and numerous blogs and websites. 

When she’s not drawing a new floorplan, she enjoys watching television or “conducting research” as she calls it. 

A complete list of shows Brandi has drawn can be viewed here.